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Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 225,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide. Please visit Actua at

Outreach > I.T.S. for Girls!

Our club meets a new mentor or role-model each meeting, visits their workplace, and explores the background science of their field through hands-on activities.

There are two sections of the I.T.S. for GIRLS! club:

  • Junior: Grades 4, 5 and 6
  • Senior: Grades 7, 8 and 9.

Each club section meets one Saturday each month To find out about more information about I.T.S. for Girls! or our next meeting, please contact us at

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This program has been supported with a grant from the Canadian Women's Foundation and its partners.

I.T.S. Our Blog! 

Here you'll find information about our meetings! Use the navigation buttons below to see more entries.


The Chemistry of Snowflakes!

Mary Anne White, a Chemistry professor at Dalhousie University, is an expert on snow and ice. We talked about where snow comes from (water!) and the water cycle. We learned that ice can form from the water in the air to form frost, that there are a million million million (1 x 10^18) water molecules in a snowflake, and that when water fights rock, water always wins. Through hands-on activities, we learned how to make six-point snowflakes out of paper, how water likes to stick to itself (cohesion) and to other things (adhesion), and how salt can change the freezing point of water!


The Club Community Outreach (Senior Girls)

The Senior girls spent their community outreach meeting with The Club, too! This time, we brought Play-Doh circuits, more Alien Eggs, non-Newtonian fluid, and one of our favourite chemistry demonstrations, Elephant’s Toothpaste!


Kinesiology (Human Movement)


With the Winter Olympics coming up, we wanted to talk about the science involved in sports. We met at the Canada Games Centre to talk about how the human body moves. We talked about how muscles work like elastics and how the brain sends messages to our muscles to make them move. We did some balancing activities to demonstrate how important the center of mass is in sports and then played team-building games to show us how important it is for the different parts of the body to work together.